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 Dogs Life information

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PostSubject: Dogs Life information   Dogs Life information EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 5:39 pm

Quote :
Set in rural midwest US countryside, Dog's Life sees its hero embark on an epic journey that spans the US, taking in everything from ski resorts to vibrant cities along the way. Playing as the nimble-pawed protagonist Jake, a plucky pup with a nose for adventure, the player must sniff out a sinster dog-napping plot involving the canine-hating Miss Peaches and Jake's pedigree chum, Daisy.

Dog's Life allows the player to take the role of a lifelike hound, able to fetch, sniff out food, chase chickens and explore.

An American Foxhound named Jake is the main character and his overall objective is to save Daisy, a Yellow Labrador Retriever whom Jake is keen to impress, and a lot of other dogs from a crooked cat-food company CEO, Miss Peaches and her two henchmen, Wayne and Dwayne. Bones must be collected to advance through the game and they can be obtained by digging them up, by beating other dogs in a variety of challenges, by completing tasks given by human characters, and by collecting special smells.

After Jake has rescued all the other dogs, he proceeds to rescue Daisy from the deadly cat-food machinery. Miss Peaches is then knocked into the machine by Jake and Daisy is saved.

Sorry if members aren't allowed to post stuff like this, it isn't mentioned in the rules. If I cant you can delete this topic.
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Dogs Life information
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