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 Oh gawd here we go..

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Oh gawd here we go.. Empty
PostSubject: Oh gawd here we go..   Oh gawd here we go.. EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 9:10 pm

I must say i liked GNG better the animation was kinda...WEIRD...in some scenes. Plus i can't stand how weed is..hes too idk non violent X_X. I do like the show though.

BTW heres what i mean by weird animation...

Did he get punched in the face or what..?
Oh gawd here we go.. Weed_fail_by_lvager-d33lhoe

What even is this?? He gained like 50 pounds!! Seriously look at Kagetora!!
Oh gawd here we go.. Kagetora_fail_by_lvager-d33lhvn

see what i mean X_X
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Oh gawd here we go..
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