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 Scruffy {The dog}

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PostSubject: Scruffy {The dog}   Scruffy  {The dog} EmptyFri Apr 13, 2012 7:08 pm

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Quote :
"Based on the book "The Tuesday Dog" by Jack Stoneley (retitled "Scruffy" in the US), itself loosely based on a true story, this was a three-part 1980 ABC Weekend Special produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises. The story follows a stray puppy who is forced to deal with surviving on her own after she and her mother are abandoned. It was directed by Charles A. Nichols and written by Sheldon Stark.

The special is fairly faithful to the book, though there are several changes. Firstly, the dogs now talk, but they retain most of their animal qualities. Scruffy herself now resembles Lady the Cocker Spaniel from "Lady and the Tramp" rather than the scruffy black-and-white mongrel that lived over 35 years ago. Several characters are added that were not in the book. Most of the content in the book is toned down except for one scene, which will come later. One thing's for sure, though, that for a TV special, it doesn't pull its punches.

For those lucky enough to have owned the VHS or seen it on ABC back in 1980, now is the time to relive your childhood. If not, I hope you enjoy this special nonetheless" said Scruffyspecial

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Scruffy {The dog}
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