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 Feral's rather sarcastic review on Feralheart

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Feral's rather sarcastic review on Feralheart Empty
PostSubject: Feral's rather sarcastic review on Feralheart   Feral's rather sarcastic review on Feralheart EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 4:16 pm


Feralheart, the game shares a piece of my username, but what is it? Well.. it's a feral animal 3D mmo that you can play as either a feline or a sparkledog canine in game! The game was made to be the predecessor of the once great impressive title, and was made by the same developer. Oh, whats that? You wanna hear MORE of what I have to say about this game? Well.. lets see what I have to say about this oh so shit- I'm mean rather lovely game in particular! Get ready for some blunt comments; for I will speak nothing except the truth, and ONLY the truth!

Graphics, and Animation: 6 out of 10

Well.. the graphics are actually not bad for this game for the most part, but there is quite a few things that get on my friggen nerves. The wings made for the game could've been done better, in fact the friggen wings look like they've been thrown together in a few hours due to how completely friggen half assed they are. They're so badly cobbled together that even IT's wings look better then those wings, and that's saying a freaking lot. Whats even more annoying is how long we waited for wings, and anticipating how realistic they would only to get these half assed ones with a crappy flying animation that makes you look like your frozen in mid-jump instead of flying. The manes are pretty much the same cause they look rushed with the felines having little variety manes in general for them. The textures are ok for the most part, but they could've made the fur detail on the bodies more detailed. The wing textures aren't that bad either, but they feel ruined by the crappily done wings. The animations leave much to be desired mainly cause the running looks incredibly unrealistic, and the swimming is the same as the running like in IT. The dance moves in this game are the same in IT, but tweaked a little differently then IT's were. ( Yeah.. tweaked to look a little more perverted..) The markings are all decent, as well as the emotes, and the character adjustments are awesome. My other complaint about the character customization is that they should've made it possible to color the inside of your chars ears, and pawpads. The character models themselves look stiff, and a little lifeless due to the lack of desirable animations.

Sound: 5 out of 10

Most of the sounds were pretty much recycled out of IT it seems like, the running sounds the same as well as the water sounds. The song for the game is pretty good, but after a while it gets annoying hearing the same song loop several times making me turn off the music all together. This isn't really that big of a problem, cause most games have this problem in general for me. The roaring, along with the howling sound realistic as well, but can get really freaking annoying after a while of hearing it repetitively. There isn't much sound in the game in general pretty much, so I don't have much to criticize. The game would be a whole lot better if more ambient sounds such as birds chirping, water dripping, or wind blowing would be a nice touch.

Game Play: 6 out of 10

To be honest, feral heart is really boring if you're not a role-player, modder, or social person. I pretty much don't even call Feral heart a game pretty much, and call it a huge glorified 3D chat room with a couple of modding tools added to it. In game, all you do is chat, role-play, or explore. ( or troll, yiff, rape, whine, or beg.) YOU SAW NOTHING PLEASE! Ahem. The offline game activities are, map making, and the ability to make presets in game which are personal textures you make for your character. Which I have to admit is pretty easy to do if not easier to do than any IT server, but doing the manes were freaking frustrating as well as hard to figure out. If you know how to make items, you can put items you can make your character if you want. Which is awesome right!? You get to make that giant pink dildo you always wanted! Very Happy /sarcasm alert

Playability: 6 out of 10

Back in the early days this game had a ton of freaking bugs, and it rendered the game very unplayable for a while. Now most of the annoying bugs are gone, but I'm pretty sure there are still some left within the system. As I said or hinted at before; this game isn't for everyone, for more mature or more experienced rping audiences might steer clear of the place due to the terrible community, while others would be quickly bored out of their minds for a short period of time.

Re-playability: 6 out of 10

This game has either a long lifespan, or low lifespan depending on personality. If you like rping, map making, making textures, modding, and can tolerate a lot of bullshit; then this game can go on forever till it gives you a reason to stop. If not, you may not stay long in this game going to other games not wanting to play this game ever again.

Community 2 out of 10

Where do I begin with this? So much to rant, and talk about. The freaking staff have bad communication problems, the game is being neglected with the lack of new content, lack of content in general, drama runs rampant, immaturity is high, common sense is massively low as tons of people are spamming the general chat every second with messages such as " HERP A DERP! JOIN OUR SPAGGUL WOOF RP!" " AMG EVERY1 JOIN MAH PREGGO IVORY HUNTER RP! COME AT CAVE WTFISTHIS TO JOIN RP!" " I R HORNEE! I NEED A M8 TO FAWK ME!" " BAWWW I R A SAD PUPPY FO I WAS ABADONED BY MAH PARENTS WHO HATED ME CAUSE I SUCK! CAN SOM1 ADOPT ME?", and other friggen annoying bullcrap that constantly rapes your senses every damn day you see it. The rules are bullcrap, and are ineffective against trolls who don't give a flying fawk about the rules. Also.. did I mention that trolls are a terrible problem? Yeah.. they rape the game everyday with their constant bullcrap simply cause the game is filled with some many easily offended lolcows kids who whine about every little thing. However, despite all the massive idiocy on a virtual idiocracy level there are decent people in the game if you dig through the huge shit pile long enough, but they all hide in private maps with their friends making it almost impossible to find them. To sum it up, the community would be a lot better (But still shitty) if they removed all the ridiculous unnecessary strict rules, and hire more moderators instead of getting all butthurt over it like they did with the close-down-for-a-week-cause-theres-rapist-ingame-ruining-everything incident. (But.. unfortunately the hiring of new mods might not ever happen period will it?)

- Graphics are decent, but aren't amazing or special
- Freedom to use your imagination as much as you want.
- Detailed character customization.
- Ability to create, and download creator made mods, presets, items, markings, and more!
- The offline features such as the object maker, map maker, preset maker, weather maker, sky maker, and in the future a movie maker. ( If a new update is made anyway.)

- Terrible community.
- Sounds leave much to be desired.
- Some animations leave much to be desired.
- Game isn't for everyone, and would bore some.
- Game is pretty neglected in general with a lack of updates, half assed current character meshes, and very little exciting content.

Overall 5 out of 10

Feral heart sadly had great potential, and a promising look at first. But it's massively ruined by neglect, lack of communication, lack of updates, lack of exciting material, lack of general content for players, and terrible community. But on the bright side; it gives complete freedom to the players to do whatever they want to do with imaginations, as well as the freedom to upload your own meshes, textures, items, and more to the game if they have the know how to do such a thing. So, if creativity is your thing, and you have patience as well as the time ( and not to mention can tolerate a lot of bullshit) then give this game a try, if not steer clear of it to save yourself the trouble.

[ Lol I wanted to write a review on this game pretty badly, and I hope I got this review right. I wrote as blunt as I can get it, and kept a sarcastic tone all the way through it.]
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Feral's rather sarcastic review on Feralheart
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