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Creature Features wrote:
Official Forum: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Download: Not Released Yet.


What on earth is this 'Decayed Reality' you've heard everyone buzzing about?

The idea is quite simple. Mainly inspired by the problems of 'Impressive Title' and similar communities, we aspire to create a literate, fun, and less dramatic community. Our ultimate goal is to produce a simple but engaging MORPG involving canines- primarily wolves.

Arokai ~ Information HAPPY_KITTY_by_superfeesh

About Arokai, from the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] by Superfeesh

Yes, there's a lot of us! Everyone has a purpose on the team! C:
Superfeesh - Lead Programmer/Scripter/Interface Design/3D Modeling/3D Animation
Marona - Forum manager, community relations
Marupa - Probable Server Host, Networking/general game advice

Kanu - 3D Animator

Tidus - Concept Team Lead
Zombietime - Concept Team Lead
Xako - Concept Team
Redbuzzard - Concept Team, Normal Maps(?)
Kitka - Concept Team, Storyline Designer
Kiwizoom - Concept Team, Wyvern design
Malikaa - Concept Team
Malin - Concept Team
Quamar - Concept Team, Deer design
Pop - Some character design/UI ideas

Subaru Crystal - Invisible Man ;D [Sub was here 8D]

What is Arokai?
Arokai, also known as Aro'Kai, is a (AMORG) artistic multiplayer online roleplaying game being created by a sole programmer (Superfeesh) and a team of talented artists. In Arokai, users will be able to select from six different species, who are aligned with different npc 'Gods' that roam in various places throughout the world. Characters will be unique, colorful, and diverse, and will be able to do a variety of interactions with the world and its inhabitants. Ultimately, Arokai is planned to be an artistic game that encourages creativity.

How is it being created?
The server and client are being programmed in C++, with the aid of Microsoft Visual C++ Express IDE. 3D graphics and rendering is being handled by OGRE3D 1.7 under the MIT license. For networking, we are using the free library RakNet. The interface is designed in Flash and scripted with Actionscript 3.0, which is made functional ingame through the use of Hikari library. Boost::FileSystem is being used for file management on the server end. We may end up using other libraries for the game.

What kind of world does it take place in?
A fantasy world, but leaning towards the 'realistic' end of the fantasy spectrum. The atmosphere of the world is to be generally friendly, colorful, and bright, but some areas may vary. There is a crystal scheme that's prevalent throughout the worlds because of our storyline. The concept team is designing a world map eventually!

Who are the characters?
Well, the general theme is good versus evil, with sides. On the 'good side' are Owls, Wolves, and Deer. On the 'bad' side are Wyverns, Felines, and Bears. These will be playable, and will have a limited range of customization options to start with. We also want to put in NPC characters, such as gods of each species, and enemies to fight as well. This will have to come at a later date, since Superfeesh needs to learn AI to some extent in order to do that.

What's the game's art style?
It ranges from semi-realistic to somewhat cartoony but not too much. Detailed textures will be used always for aesthetic effect.

To see more images and content relating to Arokai, check out our DeviantArt!

Aro'kai is a WIP, meaning it has not been released yet. Please direct your specific questions towards the game sites. Your questions may be answered there.
~CF Team
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Arokai ~ Information
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