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 Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos)

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Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Empty
PostSubject: Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos)   Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 1:56 am

Roxas wrote:
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (Sly Raccoon in Europe and Australia and Kaitou Sly Cooper in Japan) is a platforming video game created by Sucker Punch Productions, and released on the Sony PlayStation 2 in 2002, subsequently republished as a "Greatest Hits" title. It has since become the first game in the Sly Cooper series, followed by Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

The game focuses on the eponymous protagonists and master thieves Sly Cooper and his gang, Bentley the Turtle and Murray the Hippo, as they seek out the Fiendish Five to recover his family's "Thievius Raccoonus", a book with the accumulation of all of Sly ancestors' thieving moves. The game was praised for using a variation on cel-shading rendering, which is used to create a film noir feel, while still rendered as an animated movie, though criticized for being too short.

Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Sly_Cooper_and_the_Thievius_Raccoonus_Coverart

Sly Cooper is set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures. The game uses cutscenes to present the background of the eponymous Sly Cooper, raccoon who descended from a long line of master thieves. However, that lineage became crippled when a gang known as the Fiendish Five, led by Clockwerk, a cyborg-like owl with a hatred for the Cooper line, killed Sly's father while Sly was still young. The Five also took the "Thievius Raccoonus", a book recording the journeys and skills of all the ancestors of the Cooper line. The Thievius Raccoonus was split into five pieces among the Five, and dispersed to their various personal lairs. Sly was taken to the Happy Camper orphanage where he became close friends with the intelligent Bentley the Turtle, and the happy-go-lucky Murray the Hippo. Sly,and his friends eventually left the orphanage and formed a gang, pulling off amazing heists and robberies. Their activities attracted the attention of Interpol Inspector Carmelita Fox, who made it her mission to capture Sly, though Sly takes a subtle romantic interest in her.

At the present of the game, Sly learns of the location of the Fiendish Five by stealing the information from Carmelita's office, and plot with Bentley and Murray to retrieve the stolen book. Sly is able to defeat the four underlings of the Five and their minions, and discover the location of Clockwerk's lair, all the while furiously chased by Carmelita. After an assault on Clockwerk's fortress using Bentley's and Murray's help, Sly is able to defeat Clockwerk and retrieve the "Thievius Raccoonus", though Sly is cornered by Carmelita. However, Carmelita gives Sly the ten second head start she had promised. After using eight seconds of it, Sly takes an opportunity to kiss Carmelita, and handcuff her to the railing while she is distracted, and the gang is able to make their escape.

Sly Cooper is a third person platforming video game that incorporates stealth elements; as noted by an Official Playstation Magazine retrospective, the game "tries to mix one-hit-kill arcade action with Splinter Cell sneaking". The player controls Sly Cooper, the title character, as he moves between each uniquely themed lair of the Fiendish Five and the sub-sections of those lairs, avoiding security systems and the watchful eyes of enemies. While Sly is equipped with a cane to attack his foes, he can be defeated with a single hit, thus the player is urged to use stealth maneuvers and the environment to evade or silently neutralize potential threats.

To assist in these stealth moves, the environment contains special areas colored with blue sparkles of light, identified in the game as Sly's "thief senses". The player can trigger context-sensitive actions in these areas, such as shimmying along a narrow ledge or wall, landing on a pointed object such as an antenna or streetlight, climbing along the length of a narrow pole or pipe, or using the cane to grapple onto something.[3] The player must avoid detection by security systems and enemies, otherwise an alarm will sound and the player will either have to destroy the alarm, avoid or defeat foes alerted by the alarm, or hide for several seconds until the alarm resets. The game uses a dynamic music system that changes depending on the state of alarm in the area: the music will increase in volume and pacing when Sly attacks or is detected, and then will quiet down as the disturbance goes away.

Each sub-section of a lair contains a number of clue bottles which, when collected, allow Sly to access a safe in the level that contains a page from the Thievius Raccoonus. These pages grant Sly new moves to aid in movement, stealth, or combat, such as creating a decoy or dropping an explosive hat. Defeating each of the bosses also gives Sly moves, and these abilities are typically necessary to pass later levels. Coins are scattered about the levels and are also generated by defeating enemies or destroying objects. For every 100 coins collected, Sly gains a lucky horseshoe that will allow him to take extra hits, or if he currently has one, an extra life. If Sly collapses and loses a life, the current sub-level will be restarted or at a special "repeater" that acts as a checkpoint; if the player loses all of Sly's lives, they must restart that bosses' lair from the beginning.[4] Besides the regular gameplay, there are mini-games that include driving levels (based on Murray), shooting levels to protect Murray as he ascends certain levels, and a cyber-tank game representing a hacking attempt by Bentley. One notable boss battle includes a rhythm-based sequence similar to Dance Dance Revolution.

Levels can be returned to at any time to gain additional coins or to seek out special moves. When a level is completed, all of the clue bottles are collected and the secret move is found, the player can then attempt a "Master Sprint", a timed sprint through the level to try to beat a set time. The player can unlock additional artistic content by completing all the levels in this fashion.

Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Screenshot_sly1_01-screenshot - "Theif Sense" : Pointed Objects
Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Color_team_2 - Sly, Bently, and Murray
Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Slycooper_2 - Mesa City
Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Sly_cooper_and_the_thievius_raccoonus - Panda King's (level) {In China}
Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Slycooper2 - Bulldogs and their spit, pretty vicious
Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Carmelita - Carmelita Fox
Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos) Slycooper1 - Lazers, Sly comes to those alot

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Sly Cooper : Thievius Raccoonus (Images and Videos)
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