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 Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)

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Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   Empty
PostSubject: Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)    Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 2:00 am

Roxas wrote:
Some images may be subject to copyright.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is the third game in the Sly Cooper franchise. The game was released on September 26, 2005 in the United States. Sly 3 has optional 3-D stages, and it comes with a pair of specially designed 3-D glasses inside the manual. Despite being rated less than the predecessor, the game received generally positive reviews from the gaming press and was as well-reviewed as the original game.

Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   250px-PS2Sly3

Set one year after the events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly Cooper and Bentley attempt to open the Cooper Vault on Kaine Island, with the help of mystery people. Unfortunately, after Dr. M shuts the door by his laser, Sly and Bentley escape, but a monster grabs Sly while trying to rescue Bentley, with his life flashing before his eyes.

After explaining how Murray left the team due to Bentley's injury, they explain to open the vault, they need Murray back on the team, but must defeat the mob boss Octavio first in Venice, Italy. Sly catches up with Dimitri again, who agrees to find Murray if Sly distracts Carmelita Fox and steals the cell keys. After meeting Murray again, he tells them he moved onto being a trainee for the Guru, which Sly and Bentley find out that Octavio is pouring tar into Venice's water supply. Murray won't join until the black water ran pure, which meant that Octavio's scheme must be destroyed. After putting together some plans, they destroy Octavio's comeback recital, but he injures Bentley, making Murray so mad that he quits his training and battles Octavio, defeating him and Murray joins the team again, throwing Octavio in prison for 30 years for his crime against Venice.

After Murray misses the Guru, the gang flies to Yuendumu, Northern Territory, Australia, to find the Guru, but construction has taken over his land. After finding him locked up, Sly discovers he doesn't speak English, but if they get his moon stone and staff, he'll join them. After Sly finds them, he gives them back to the Guru and he breaks out, pulling off tasks and trying to capture the Mask of Dark Earth. After Carmelita Fox goes after Sly, the Mask of Dark Earth gets stuck to her face, growing at an uncontrollable rate, with Sly having to climb up her bootlegs and cut it off. After it is destroyed, the Guru joins the Cooper Gang.

After in desperate need of an RC Combat expert, Bentley meets a Dutch mouse named Penelope online, who agrees to join their team if they can help her take down the Black Baron, an expert flyer who has his own flying competition (ACES Flying Competition). The gang travels to Kinderdijk, Holland, Netherlands, where they enter Sly in the flying competition. While there, Dimitri agrees to do them a favor, only if Sly return the favor. When Muggshot, Sly's former enemy in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is flying in the competition, Bentley comes up with a plan to get him back in jail. After more plans with Penelope are pulled off, Sly wins the competition, leading to the Black Baron battling Sly, and when he is beaten, he is revealed to be Penelope, winning the competition and Penelope tells the crew that there was a reason for being the Baron.

When they need a demolitions expert, they must recruit Sly's old enemy, the Panda King, from Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus. After finding he left his life of crime, they confront him and convince him to join, but if they rescue his daughter, Jing King, from the evil General Tsao, who kidnapped her and forced her to marry Tsao. After recovering the team van, Sly must defeat Tsao to get Bentley's laptop back, which was stolen by Tsao. After rescuing Jing King, Tsao is arrested by Carmelita, who escorts him to jail for abduction.

Later, Dimitri e-mails Sly and reminds him of the favor he owed him back in Holland, so Dimitri buys tickets on a cruise to Blood Bath Bay, the Caribbean. After learning that his grandfather, Reme Lousteau, has his diving gear stolen by Black Spot Pete, so they attempt to get it back, only to be stolen by Captain LeFwee, who took over the seven seas. After pulling off some jobs, they sail off to find Black Spot Pete's treasure, only when found by Sly, they are confronted by LeFwee, who kidnaps Penelope and forces her to be her slave. Bentley promised her they'd rescue her, but after pulling off some jobs at sea, they capture up to LeFwee, but when Bentley is injured, Penelope battles LeFwee, killing LeFwee and feeding him to the sharks. Thus, Dimitri joins the team, Bentley and Penelope are a couple, and Carmelita didn't follow them. They are now finally ready for the heist.

After going back to Kaine Island, the Guru rides the sharks and disables the water traps, when Sly's cane is dropped in the water, Dimitri saves it by using his grandfather's diving suit to go into the water, but ends up destroying Dr. M's underwater monster. After fighting security, they finally break into the vault, where Sly sees the history of his ancestors. Unfortunately, Dr. M breaks into the vault, battling Sly and Carmelita arriving to arrest them both. However, Dr. M shoots a shock pistol paralyzer towards her, with Sly jumping in front of her to keep her from her death. He ends up suffering from amnesia, in which Carmelita tells Sly that he is her partner. Together, they escape, killing Dr. M when the entire vault falls apart. The Cooper gang finds his cane and calling card, but because he never returns, the gang splits up, except for Bentley and Penelope, who are in a relationship.

Dimitri becomes a scuba diver instructor, the Panda King started living two floors down from Jing King, Murray went to complete his training with the Guru, and Penelope and Bentley created a vault that was full of lasers. In the end, Sly is dancing with Carmelita on a balcony, when Bentley spots them. Sly looks straight at Bentley and winks. Bentley says "That Sneaky Devil!".

New variations in the game include additional playable characters besides those of Sly, Murray and Bentley. Firstly, Inspector Carmelita Fox is a playable character in some of the minigames and a couple times in the game. Secondly, previously unintroduced characters, including a shaman named The Guru and a mouse named Penelope are included, as well as those previously mentioned such as Dimitri from Sly 2: Band of Thieves and the Panda King from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

The game also contains 3-D sections. 3-D glasses have been distributed with each copy of the game, and are used in certain parts of the game. However, 3-D is optional in these sections, allowing the player to switch the levels into normal once more. Some levels are playable in 3-D from the beginning, while other levels require the 3-D feature to be unlocked, another feature being objects in the levels are only visible when being played in 3-D. The 3-D effect is focused upon certain objects in the background rather than the characters themselves, minimizing the necessary blue/red separation and making it easier to watch someone playing in 3-D without a set of 3-D glasses.

Also, to increase replay value, an offline multiplayer mode is included, along with challenges and extra movies unlocked with specific game completion percentages. The multiplayer games are: "Cops and Robbers," "Bi-Plane Duel," "Hackathon," and "Galleon Duel." Challenges are missions that are set with specific standards, along with a Treasure Hunt mission for each world attained at the end of the game.

Murray and Bentley can now pickpocket. Murray hoists stunned or unsuspecting guards above his head and shakes them down for coins and loot. The coins must be picked up off the ground after the guard is shaken. Bentley uses a fishing rod like magnet to reel in coins and loot. When the magnet attaches Bentley moves away from the guard to reel in the goods.

Loot no longer needs to be sold back at the safe house. The amount an item is worth is added immediately to the coin count. Special treasure is absent from the over world.

Sly 3 also features new gameplay elements and skills, such as safe-cracking, searching for clues and objects in paintings, aerial combat, disguises, pirate ship battles, and conversations.

A complaint from several players is that you can no longer search for clue bottles to open up a special safe somewhere inside the different worlds anymore, which was a popular part of the first two games and gave extra replay value to the game.


Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   Sly-3-honor-among-thieves-20050617043210487
Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   Sly-3-honor-among-thieves-20050921062541292-000
Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   Sly-3-honor-among-thieves-20050921062514746_640w
Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   243024-sly_3_honor_among_thieves_2_super
Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)   Sly_3_Multiplayer-screenshot


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Sly Cooper : Honor Among Theives (Images and Videos)
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